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How to Stop Scrolling Before Bed

We work with people and companies to form more productive habits. One of the habits that comes up a lot is: “I want to stop scrolling before bed.”

Scrolling on your phone is a massive time-suck that leaves us feeling frazzled and drained.

So why can’t we stop doing it?

In general, it is easier to form habits around doing something as compared to not doing something. So, let’s focus on what you can do to reduce the likelihood of this behavior.

Start with a one-time action

Do you use your phone as an alarm clock? Buy an alarm clock. RIGHT NOW. Seriously—stop reading and come back once you’ve purchased an old-fashioned, plug-in-the-wall alarm clock.

Phones are designed to be addictive. Rather than trying to resist the temptation to scroll before bed or in the morning, try getting away from your phone during these times. The easiest way to do this is to stop using your phone as an alarm clock. This is a one-time action that will have huge lasting benefits.

Form a new habit

Next, form a habit around charging your phone somewhere that is not in your room or anywhere close to where you hang out in the moments before going to bed. I resonated with this idea from a recent client who wrote: “After I put my toothbrush back in the charger, I plug my phone into its charger in the living room and walk away for the night.”

But what if my phone is helpful?

You may realize that you check your phone for helpful things right before bed, like confirming tomorrow’s schedule, or looking at what the weather will be like if you want to go for a run. You don’t want to deprive yourself of these useful features and thus talk yourself out of your new habit, so try to identify exactly what you use your phone for right before bed. Then, and more importantly, form habits around checking this information earlier.

Scrolling before bed can be a frustrating habit. Breaking this habit can be as simple as:

  1. Buy an alarm clock

  2. Charge your phone somewhere else

  3. Adjust phone-use, depending on what comes up

Are you happy with how you use your phone around when you sleep? Comment below!

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