• Andrew Wien

How to Manage an Endless To Do List

You have a never ending to do list. And it contributes to stress, anxiety, and a feeling that there is never enough time.

You know there are things that will help. Maybe it is a bit of exercise, eating healthy, planning your work effectively, giving feedback to a co-worker, even meditating.

So you put these things on the to do list. Wait… the to do list just became longer. That didn’t work.

How do you get out of this loop?

The first step is to realize there are things that you already reliably do that are not on your to do list. Brushing your teeth. Showering. Eating. Reading the news. Calling your significant other. Drinking coffee. There are tons of things that we do throughout our day more reliably than anything that is on our to do list.

So how do you add more activities to this category? By forming habits.

We all form habits accidentally. A lot of us even intentionally try to form good habits or break bad habits, and we fail. We think that forming habits is hard, and we give up.

It is not your fault. You don’t need more motivation, more willpower, or more determination. You don’t need to try harder, be a better person, or just follow through on what you tell yourself. You just need to change your approach.

This is tiny habits. Do the things you want without increasing the length of your to do list, needing more motivation, or finding more time.

About the author: Andrew Wien founded the Dynamic Leadership Center to help people be happier and more fulfilled at work. Most people already know what they want to do. Andrew helps people turn this into action through the power of habits. He works with people 1:1 and in groups.

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