• Andrew Wien

How much is enough?

We all want more time, deeper relationships, easier access to the things that bring us joy.

But how much is enough?

I was recently confronted with this quandary when thinking about my proximity to something I love: trail running. I’m obsessed with being close to the outdoors and specifically, good running trails.

I started my career in Chicago, where the nearest (mediocre) trails were three hours north in Wisconsin. You had to get on a plane to find great trails. The trails were not close enough.

I then moved to Calgary, just east of the Canadian Rockies. There were epic running trails 45 minutes away from downtown. It was a long drive and I couldn’t access the trails on weekdays. The trails were not close enough.

Next, I moved to Boulder, Colorado, in the foothills of the Colorado Rockies. I lived in South Boulder where the trails were a short 10-minute bike ride away. But when it was cold or raining, biking to a run was too logistically difficult. Parking was difficult. And I didn’t want to run on concrete sidewalks to access the trails. The trails were not close enough.

Recently, I bought a house in the mountains outside of Boulder. I now live on a dirt road. And as I went for a run yesterday, I was thinking about how the trails were not close enough. I mean, they are close, but I still have to run 4 minutes on a dirt road to get to a good trail. Then I have to run 15 minutes on that trail and cross a river without a bride to get to a network of 50 miles of even better trails. I was thinking it would be nice if the network of trails was closer. They weren’t quite close enough.

And then I thought, “Andrew, wake up! The trails can’t be any closer!”

Here is the problem with the concept of “enough.” We either (1) have enough right now or (2) never have enough. There is no in between. For those who want more, as soon as we get it, we reset our expectations, just like I did with trails.

How do you typically confront the concept of enough? How can you start developing habits to believe that you have enough right now?

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