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Why people are still unhappy at great places to work

The companies that are great places to work are growing in number. This should be great for everyone. However, a number of folks remain dissatisfied, unhappy, and unfulfilled. What is going on?

Some companies have done an incredible job creating the external conditions for greatness. Good salary and benefits. Clear career tracks. Learning and development opportunities. Strong link to impact. Transparency.

Surprisingly, a lot of people at these companies are still unhappy. What else can the company do? The short answer is nothing. Nothing in these individual’s external environment will help them be happier or more fulfilled at work. Don’t despair! We are only looking at half the picture.

The other half is our internal environment, e.g. what goes on inside our head. Our brain is a powerful tool that has advanced humanity to unimaginable wealth and power. However, we’ve lost control—the way we interact with technology and society has given what happens inside our heads too much power.

You’ve lost control of your internal world if…

  • You find yourself on Instagram or checking email when you wanted to be doing something else

  • You are so overwhelmed by everything that to do that you are paralyzed

  • You say something to someone, or send an email to someone, that you later regret

  • You get caught ruminating about the past

  • You are anxious about the future, or you are anxious and don’t even know why

The solution is surprisingly simple. Just like we’ve trained our brains to be distracted, unaware emotionally, and caught in never ending thought loops, we can train our brain to do the exact opposite.

There are short, simple exercises to improve focus, better notice and regulate emotions, feel calmer, better connect with others. All we have to do is practice.

While the solutions are simple, they are not easy. Getting people to change their behavior is hard. That is where we come in.

If you are at a company that is already a great place to work, the next step is helping your employees better navigate their internal world. This will help them be more effective at work and stay longer.

Want to know more about these solutions? Want to better understand how to change your behavior? You know how to find us. (well, and if not, I’m at

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